My Partnership with Supacolor

Back in early February, I hopped onto my Instagram account and did an impromptu live video showing how I apply a Supacolor transfer to my sweatshirt. Three days later, I was on a Zoom call with the creators of Supacolor and they were asking me to be a content creator for them!

Crazy stuff, man. An unplanned, unscripted random video has led to an amazing partnership with Supacolor, and I am so humbled and excited to be a part of the Supafam! 

Supacolor combines the quality of traditional silkscreen techniques with the flexibility and convenience of digital printing to allow anyone with a heat press to customize textiles with premium-quality printing.” (source)

I originally discovered Supacolor heat transfers while planning the launch of Words & Whimsy. I didn’t want to deal with messy screen printing, or weeding gobs and gobs of heat transfer vinyl. I knew I couldn’t afford to outsource my shirt production from the start. 

Then I found a video that explained what Supacolor transfers are and how they work, and I immediately thought, “This is IT!!!”

I ordered my first design, and I’ve been in a committed relationship ever since! 

So back to that impromptu video and the subsequent partnership:

Supacolor saw my video (you can watch it below), reached out to me asking if they could share it, and then asking if I could hop on a Zoom call to chat about an idea they had.

Um. YES and YES. Please and thank you.

Well, the Zoom call was nothing short of amazing. This company seeks to build up and empower small businesses like mine to grow and succeed. They also told me that, right now, the majority of their traffic is from male-driven businesses, and they really want to tap into the female market. 

*insert hair flip here*

So here we are. (Read their announcement HERE.) They even GIFTED me a new heat press…like, a Mac Daddy heat press. A Walapress Pro 16×20 heat press. I’ve lovingly named her Big Bertha. 

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: You can bet on the fact that all of my shirts will be made using the BEST heat transfers on the market. They’re top-notch quality and allow me to create limitless designs in myriad colors and detail. 

And if you’re in the t-shirt business, or want to be, have no fear! I’ll be creating content to help you out! Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram. Those are my two favorite places to hang out!

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