How to Press Supacolor Transfers

In a follow-up to my tutorial showing you how to make artwork for your t-shirts using Canva, and prepping your artwork for Supacolor, I'm now going to show you how to press your Supacolor transfers onto a shirt.

You’ve created some amazing artwork and submitted your order to Supacolor, and you’ve finally received your order! YAY! It’s time to press your transfers onto your garments. 


  • INSPECT & COUNT: When you receive your Supacolor transfers, give them a quick inspection to make sure your order is correct, then count them. Supacolor always sends a few extra in order for you to do a test press.
  • READ THE INSTRUCTIONS: The label on your transfers will tell you the temperature to set your heat press, the time to press your artwork, and the pressure to set your heat press. 
  • USE A TEST GARMENT: You should keep a t-shirt on hand to use as a test garment, which will allow you to test each new design. 


  • PRE-PRESS: Place your garment onto the heat press and set the pressure, time, and temperature. Do an initial press of about 4 seconds. This gets out any wrinkles and, more importantly, any moisture in the garment.
  • TRANSFER APPLICATION PRESS: Place your Supacolor transfer, adhesive side down, onto your garment. IMPORTANT: Be sure your shirt is flat on the press – no folds, and collar off the edge of the platen. When everything is in place, press and lock your heat press for 12 seconds. When your press is finished, raise the top platen and peel the Supacolor sheet immediately.
  • POST-PRESS: After applying your Supacolor transfer, grab a teflon sheet and cover your design. Press once more for about 3-4 seconds to seal in the edges of your design.

Want to try Supacolor transfers for yourself? Create a free account on Supacolor’s website and receive a FREE test kit! Be sure to let them know Kirsten Thompson sent you! 

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