How to Make Digital T-Shirt Mockups

My t-shirt business is set up to allow customers to customize their shirt, choosing a design and a shirt that they love, and I make them to order. Because of this, I don't have inventory ready-made and ready to photograph, so I had to get creative to make my own digital t-shirt mockups for the shop and social media!

When I first started Words & Whimsy, I would search Etsy for mockups of the shirts I wanted to buy for the shop. There were two issues with this: 
(1) I couldn’t always find the shirts I wanted
(2) I got tired of looking like every other t-shirt shop on the ‘gram. 

So I decided to give it a shot myself. And I figured out a method for creating my own digital mockups that also fit my branding. I shared a two-part tutorial on TikTok that went viral, garnering over 30,000 views, so I put together a slower version with more details per a request in the TikTok comments! 


  • Use natural, diffused light: I shoot on my back porch when the sun is up above my roof, rather than sunlight pointing directly onto my garments. You’ll get bright photos that are true to the actual color of the clothing you’re shooting.
  • Don’t over-edit: I use Lightroom Mobile and a couple of presets to remove any shadows and brighten the photos just a bit, but I make sure the color of the shirt in the finished photo matches the actual color of the t-shirt.
  • Use Canva to create graphics: Use the background remover tool to remove the background of each image, leaving only the t-shirt. Save this file as a PNG with a transparent background. You can then re-upload that PNG file to Canva, add backgrounds that match your branding, overlay your artwork, and make incredible digital mockups for your shop!


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