A Very Special Harry Potter Collection

Inspired by the wizardry and magic of Harry Potter, the all new Harry Potter Collection has come to life! Gorgeous hand-dyed sweatshirts combine with beautiful and unique watercolor artwork inspired by your favorite wizard!

The Harry Potter Collection was born from a simple idea – my daughter is obsessed with the magic of Harry Potter, and while talking about ideas for the shop one night, she casually mentioned how cool it would be to have some shirts inspired by the wizards of Hogwarts. 

We both agreed we didn’t want your typical Harry Potter apparel – bold colors of each of the wizard’s houses, crazy designs that were blatantly Potter-esque. Instead, we wanted subtle, unique, understated, but still very much Harry Potter.

I came across an amazing watercolor artist and purchased her “wizard” set, which was obviously inspired by all things Hogwarts. There were so many different artistic elements that it was difficult to choose my favorites, but ultimately I went with 5 designs: the owl on a stack of magic books, a skull full of potions and spells, a snake wrapped around a wand, a little mouse on a crystal ball, and the Sorting Hat surrounded by candles.

After deciding on the artwork, I knew I wanted the shirts themselves to be unique and special. That’s when I had the idea to do watercolor tie-dye to coordinate with the colors in the artwork – purple and taupe. 

The watercolor effect of the tie-dye and the gorgeous watercolor Harry Potter-inspired designs work magically to create a one-of-a-kind collection for Potter-heads everywhere!

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