mini cotton tote with polka dot easter bunny on the front filled with gifts for children

Easter baskets are fun, but these Easter bunny mini totes are fun AND practical! Your kiddos will be able to use them even after the Easter bunny has hopped away for the year. First, though, you need to fill these mini cotton totes with goodies!

Non-candy Easter gifts:

Chocolate bunnies and marshmallow Peeps are traditional Easter basket fillers, but if you’re looking for some non-candy Easter gifts to fill the Easter bunny mini totes, here are some ideas:

  • craft kits like DIY friendship bracelet kits, or DIY slime kits
  • crayons, markers, and paints
  • mini stuffed animals
  • old-school games like the Rubiks Cube or a Slinky
  • coloring books and activity books
  • reading books

Uses for mini tote bags:

Unlike traditional Easter baskets, these Easter bunny mini totes don’t have to be stored away after Easter. Keep them out year-round and use them for all kinds of things!

  • Busy bags: fill with their favorite snacks and toys to keep them busy while you’re in the grocery store or at a restaurant
  • Bible bags: Use them to carry their children’s Bible and hold any coloring or activity pages they make at church
  • Car snack bag: Have them keep up with their own snacks on your road trip!
  • Play purse: Little girls will love having a purse like mommy!

Easter bunny mini totes are made of cotton and measure 8″ x 8″ with 13″ handles. They are machine-washable and have a box bottom. They are in the shop and ready to ship. Hop on over and pick up an Easter bunny mini tote for your kiddo for only $12!

Easter bunny mini totes

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